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Writers of Dominica

Alick Lazare is the author of Pharcel: Runaway Slave (a historical novel about the maroons of Dominica), Kalinago Blood (a fictional account of the genocide of the Kalinago tribe in the Eastern Caribbean), Nature Island Verses (a volume of poetry on the themes of Love, Life and Politics), and a collection of short stories – Carib and Other Stories.

One of his stories, Carib, was chosen for inclusion in Under the Perfume Tree, a collection of Caribbean stories published by The Macmillan Caribbean Writers Series. A poem, Little Bird, from his book, Nature Island Verses, has been selected for publication in an anthology to be released in 2015 by the Commonwealth Education Trust.

In his two novels, writing from the perspective of his subjects and telling their story as seen from their own eyes and with their own voice, he has been a revisionist of colonial history and has brought new understanding of the nature of his subjects and the narrative of their past.

Born in Dominica 17th. October 1934, Alick Lazare was a career civil servant, Financial Secretary and regional consultant in government finance; and, on retirement, spends his time on historical research and exploring Dominica’s literature.

Writers of Dominica

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