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Alma Darroux

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Alma A.G. Darroux was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica. She is a writer, poet, computer operator, graphics designer and an advocate for persons with challenges and disabilities. Alma, has been physically challenged since birth  and moves around with the aid of crutches.  She has had numerous articles, poems and one short story published in her Island’s local newspapers as well as in other Caribbean Islands  and more recently in November  of 2015, her story was published by the online blog  post of Warren Adler at   Alma also writes fiction, short stories and poems.  She has won two writing competitions, one in Dominica for her first Play at the Independence Playwriting competition in 1999, and another over the Internet, also in 1999, on the website: ‘’ In 2007, Alma created the ‘Let the Barriers be Trampled down!’ series of workshops to educate students and communities around the Island about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.

Alma is a Christian and always tries to use her faith in all aspects of her life. I Am Soul is her first collection of poems.

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