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Bernard Wattley


Bernard B. Wattley is a veteran educator who spent some twenty-five years as a classroom teacher at both the primary and secondary levels and has also taught at the tertiary level. He holds a Teacher Training Certificate (1979) from the University of the West Indies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with first class honours also from the University of the West Indies (1991) and a Master’s of Education Degree in Administration and Policy Studies from McGill University in Montreal Canada (1998). He’s spent the last decade of his long public service career as Director of Library Services in the Anguilla Public Service.

His foray into calypso writing dates back four decades to his teenage years and along the way has written winning calypsos in three territories St Kitts, Anguilla and St Maarten at both the junior and senior levels for various artistes. His calypsos cover a wide range of issues but he has a preference for social and political commentary. In recent years he emerged as a calypso singer under the moniker the Anonymous but has never competed and clearly prefers his role as a writer. The book ‘From the Heart: 101 Calypsos Sung and Unsung’ is his first published book.

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