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  • • What type of books do you publish?
    · We specialize in different genres and categories of books. Please take a look at our catalog to get an idea of what we are interested in and whether your book fits our niche.
  • • What is your submission process?
    · At EPH we prefer that you send in a query email to us about the book that you have written and explaining the state of readiness for publication. Once you are ready for publication we will ask that you submit the full manuscript for a review and evaluation to determine whether it fits into our genre niche and to assess the level of completeness and readiness for publication. To increase the chances of your book being selected for publication It’s important to follow our guidelines.
  • • What are your guidelines for submissions?
    · Our Submission guidelines can vary for different books. We recommend that you submit your manuscript in pdf format, if you are including it with your query email. If we are interested in working with you on the project, we will ask that you submit the manuscript in Microsoft Word double spaced. Please do not submit photographs or illustrations before you have received a positive response from us except where they are embedded in the body of the interior. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully before submitting your work.
  • • What is the process for submitting a book proposal?
    · If you wish to, you may submit a book proposal with your query email detailing what your book is about, who is its target audience, whether there are any current books on the market with similar concepts or ideas and your possible marketing plan. In certain instances, we may require a book proposal before considering your manuscript.
  • • How often do you acquire new titles?
    At EPH we acquire titles year round.
  • • How many books do you publish each year?
    · Since we are a small publishing house we only publish a small number of titles each year. This leaves us free to work extensively on a one and one basis with our authors to improve their product value. At EPH our authors become like family members. We make our staff and our resources available to our authors from the preparation stage all the way to the book launch and marketing stage.
  • • What type of marketing and publicity do you offer authors?
    · We offer different levels of marketing and publicity support to our authors. We encourage our authors to establish and utilize their own social media platforms in promotion of their book in addition to our own websites. We upload all our titles to the major online book distributors. We encourage video ad campaigns, radio and where possible television and newspaper interviews as well as YouTube and Facebook exposure.
  • • Do you offer editorial feedback to authors?
    · At EPH we offer professional evaluation of most manuscripts before publication. We offer editorial support and feedback to authors to help them improve their work. This feedback may include suggestions for revisions, edits, and other changes.
  • • What are your terms and conditions for publication?
    · Our authors retain full copyright and ownership of all their intellectual property. They also receive 100% of their royalty payments.
  • • What is the cost of publishing with your company?
    At EPH we offer competitive publishing packages and we tailor the cost to suit your budgetary needs.
  • • How long will it take for my book to be published once it is accepted?
    · The time it takes for a book to be published can vary depending on the time that it may take to complete the line-editing of the manuscript or the illustrations that have to be prepared as in the case of a children’s book. Some books may be published within a few weeks, some in a few months, while others may take a year or more depending on the extent of the preparatory work that has to be done.
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