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Patricia Adams


Patricia Juliette Adams was born in Anguilla. She has worked as a radio announcer, telephone operator and as a trained primary school teacher, a career from which she retired in 2005, after 18 years of service. She is a poet, songwriter and playwright . She is the author of three collections of poems: A Jewel Made of Sand, Windows of Yesteryear and  A gift of Fire. Her poems have also appeared in several anthologies including Sargasso and Where I see the Sun. She has received several awards including the Anguilla Day award and the Queens Certificate for the preservation of Anguillan culture through poetry and song.The Patricia J Adams Literary award was established by the Ministry of Education and is given annually to the best primary school student in creative writing in Anguilla. The book,  Blue Beans (ISBN 978-976-95888-3-7 (pbk ) is her  first published novel.

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