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Don Mitchell CBE


Justice Don Mitchell (Ret) was born in 1946 in St Kitts to a Grenadian-Vincentian father and an Anguillian-Kittitian mother, and grew up in Trinidad and Jamaica.  He finished his education in England in the days before there was a Law School in the West Indies.  After practising law in St Kitts and Anguilla for some 30 years, he retired to become a High Court Judge , and subsequently acted on the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Appeal before his retirement in 2013.
He has served the region well not only as a Judge but also by providing historical and other information on his websites and  He has taught advanced level law at the 6th form of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive school for 8 years. The Anguilla Advanced level  CAPE Law series are a compilation of all his lectures in Criminal Law,  Law of Contract,  Law of Tort, Principles of Public Law ( Constitutional and Public Law) The Law of Real Property and Caribbean Legal Studies.

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