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Spoken Images of the Soul

Spoken Images of the Soul is a blended anthology of poems spoken word and a collection of paintings. The author Collette Jones-Chin a painter, poet and playwright of renown, has in a profoundly creative way, merged her most famous paintings, poems, and spoken word pieces together to create a coffee table book that is exceptionally rich in artistry, color, and prose.

She juxtaposes each painting with a poetic piece that works symbiotically to amplify and support each other and like blocks, each builds upon the entire publication. The paintings “Kaleidoscopic Journey” on page 19, “C’est La Vie on page 12”, and ”Tied to the Edge of Time”,  on page 77, are each unique but with a similar mission- to tell the stories that have coloured the life of the artist and author. The colours are intense, and the creativity invigorating.

This one-of-a-kind coffee table book is not a book that can be rushed, but one to be savoured over coffee on a sunlit patio, or a warm living room surrounded by soft lighting.

Spoken Images of the Soul is a must–have for all those who want to be inspired to live life purposefully, colourfully, beautifully.

Spoken Images of the Soul

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