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SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: The Poetic Meditation of a Preacher

Something Beautiful: The Poetic Meditations of a Preacher is a collection of scriptural meditations written in verse. The entire collection comprises of 110 poems with Jesus Christ as its central theme. In it, the author reflects on various aspects of the journey and mission of Christ; from his Passion as seen in the poem Tennebrae- Holy Thursday, to his ascension as expressed in the poem, The Ascended Christ, his Transfiguration, the walk to Emmaus and the glory of his resurrection as related in the poem Easter Morning. The author’s mind and heart are full of Christ and with every reflection he seeks to reveal Christ to the reader and the reader to Christ.

The first poem Come Lord Jesus encourages that interaction where the author writes: ‘Come now Lord and visit with me, come share all your stories I’ll listen to thee….’