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From the Heart, 101 Calypsos Sung and Unsung

From the Heart is a collection of Calypsos written primarily for competition in Anguilla and other parts of the Caribbean. Written in the typical poetry and prose that characterizes the art form, they cover varying themes about societal ills, whether it is the lament of a young boy for the guidance and love of his father as in Dear Dad or the fears evoked in many when the sound of the siren is heard, fearing another young life taken by violence as in Tell me why. It remind the readers in I Sing for You, that the calypsonian is…”called to be de mouthpiece of Society, for the many without a voice……” It protests the greed and oppression by the powerful when the author in Ease De Pain says: “I swear they want to kill we/ De way prices rising in this country/They either greedy/ Or they have no empathy..”

The entire collection is a celebration of social commentary, a mastery of words, an intelligent command of rhythms and plaintive lyrics telling stories that evoke sentiments of nationalism, truth, and the fruitlessness of toil and labour that many artists can identify with. In Singing For Fun the writers states :”For Years now ah singing in de competition/ For years now ah trying to gain recognition/ Plenty people does tell me/ How I got good calypso/ But unfortunately I ain’t got nothing to show/Not a crown/ Not a trophy to my name”

An outstanding, articulate, cleverly crafted and imaginative collection.

From the Heart, 101 Calypsos Sung and Unsung

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