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Unleash your creativity, take control of your own narratives.

Publish your ideas with
Emmanuel Publishing House.
Spoken  Images of the Soul by Collette Jones-Chin



Welcome to the Emmanuel Publishing House website. We are an independent publishing company which was established in 2008. For the 15 years that we have been in operation, we have come to understand and appreciate the joy that an author feels when he/she sees his/her name in print for the first time on the front cover of his/her own book. We know how important it is that people are allowed to tell their own stories to, document their experiences, to explore and express their creativity and more importantly to contribute to the education and enlighten of the world around them.

 All of the experiences that we have gained in the book publishing business, we use them to the advantage of our authors by empowering them to take charge of their own narratives. The books that we publish are varied. We aim to give life to your unpublished manuscript by offering publication of a wide assortment of titles, ranging from but not limited to: Educational text books, Novels, Poetry books, Young Adult and Children’s books, Christian literature, Historical texts, Memoirs and Biographies, Motivational/Self-help, Home and Garden, as well as Cook books. We have been growing progressively and our catalogue has become quite extensive.  Although we are located in the Caribbean we serve a global clientele with our authors coming from all over the world.

What We Offer

At Emmanuel Publishing House we offer self- publishing packages to assist writers who wish to self-publish their work. We offer a basic book production and printing service with marketing and distribution as an optional part of the package. Under our sponsored or self-publishing packages the author pays a flat fee to the publisher for the editing, design and printing of the book. Where marketing is part of the self-publishing package we partner with the author to distribute and sell his book online. We also upload and promote all our books to Emmanuel Publishing House’s webpage where we highlight our authors.


“Emmanuel Publishing House gave me the push I needed to get my book of Poetry out into the world. We are broken in so many ways and this is a book that will help to heal the world. The world would never have known of this had it not been for Emmanuel Publishing House because [traditional] publishers around the world make it seem so prohibitive for you to put your work out there, but a personal touch from EPH made this possible and I am so grateful to Emmanuel Publishing company”

Dr. Oluwakemi M Linda Banks 

Author of “Starfish, A Journey in Healing

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“The team at Emmanuel Publishing House were faithful and generous in listening to my request and acting on it with professionalism, dedication and sheer hard work to produce the best results. What a blessing to me.” 

 George Louis 

Author of “SomethingBeautiful’’

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[ When] the books came through, they were well done, well bound, it was edited well, everything went smoothly and I got my work on time so I would recommend Emmanuel Publishing company any day. My book was published in 2017.  I would recommend Emmanuel Publishing House to everyone. It was a smooth ride for me and I will continue using them for my next book and my next books”

Collette Jones-Chin 

author of Mahaica Belle Rings

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