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Updated: Feb 15

Welcome to our book Blog- Books are still important

EPH book blog publishing in the Caribbean

We at EPH are endeavoring to improve the services that we offer to our clients and customers by starting this book blog. We aim in this blog to make tools available to help our readers better improve their work as writers. We will discuss the writing process, the design and layout of books, as well as the marketing and promotion process that all writers must be a part of, in their quest to disseminate their products to the widest possible audience.

Books are important and your voice is important. You should therefore seek to make it as clear and audible as possible since every writer wants his message to be heard. While many people flock to video sharing sites like YouTube, Tiktok and Facebook for quick how-to videos on many subjects, books are still one of the most profound and comprehensive sources of information available to mankind. As early as the 7th Millennium BC, people were aware of the need to record and preserve information that would otherwise be lost to memory. Early civilization started by recording on wood, stone and later on clay tablets. The primary reason for inventing books in historical times, was for religious purposes. Thus the ancient scrolls or sacred texts were the first ‘books’ invented as a means of teaching the ancient people about their religion and their faith.

When individual books were invented, society found a tool that allowed them not only to create and store information but more importantly they allowed writers to organize, print and share their information.

Books continue to wield tremendous power in the development of the human mind. They empower people with knowledge that can be used for self-improvement, for planning and developing not only of the individual but of whole societies and nations. Books improve mental strength and aid in retention and recollection of information. They preserve history and culture and are a great source of entertainment and vocabulary building. Books have been a part of every aspect of our formal educational systems. They influence our social, spiritual, intellectual and financial life. They have been the architect of and have shaped every aspect of human life

Today books can be written on any subject imaginable and presented in a variety of formats. Whether presented in paperback, hardcover, as an e-book or audio book, books are here to stay.

If you have a story to tell, we encourage you to write it down, tell your story so that others will know that you were here and what your life was like. There is nothing like seeing your name in print on the front cover of a book as its author.

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