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To Be A Christian: Self-Understanding in the Post-Modern World

This post-modern era in which we live has seen a certain darkness descending upon the earth like never before. With the phenomenal strides in technological advancement, no age has promised the potential for greater achievements and inventions as the present. Yet we live in a time where unhappiness, anxiety and depression are common disturbances in all parts of the world. To Be a Christian: Self- understanding in the Post-Modern World speaks to us with a profound wisdom and clarity that could only have been dictated from above. In this his final book, Fr. Clement. S. Jolly pours out the concerns of his heart to a church that has failed to distinguish itself from the world neither in lifestyle nor in ideas. He reminds us that Christians are called to seek the will of God who is the anchor that keeps individuals, families and the church together. We stray away from God and we risk self-destruction and disaster. For man, Fr. Jolly says “….needs instruction, he needs correction, he needs redemption. He is a wounded creature.” This timely and urgent book is Fr. Jolly’s closing statement, his clarion call to the clergy, his final summation to the laity, his parting words to a blinded world.



6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Black & White on White paper
244 pages

Emmanauel Publishing House
ISBN-13: 978-9769589766 
ISBN-10: 9769589764 
BISAC: Self-Help / Spiritual

To Be A Christian: Self-Understanding in the Post-Modern World

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