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In search of God

Deep within the labyrinth of the mind

A ghostly light glimmers

Like the twilight of endless fruitless days

Or the haze that shmmers

Over the sea. My heart, in search of truth,

Wanders towards the light,

Lost in education and religion

And all things erudite.

As I wander, filled with speculation

About truth, God and me,

In the twists and turns of the mind’s advance

reason is all I see.

Reason is the mother of illusion

Where truth is hardly found,

Just as the tunnels of the labyrinth

Cover infinite ground.

In the eternal turmoil of my mind

The voice of my soul cries

Softly as the bowed hermit in prayer;

God is, all else is lies.

And truth came forth from the surrounding dark,

Straight as a spear of light,

To unveil its simple divinity

To my unworthy sight

I saw God sitting on the mountain top

In mighty majesty.

I saw him sail across the azure sky

In gentle purity.

I watched him in tumultuous fury

Churning the raging sea

In the whipping winds of the hurricane

Roaring over the lea.

In chilling anger and burning rage

He smote the helpless earth.

Its pristine glory humbled but renewed

In death and in rebirth.

I saw him riding swiftly on a cloud

As bright as bright can be.

I saw God in everything there was;

Then I found him in me.

© Alick Lazare- Nature Island Verses (2001)

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