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When my call to eternity has come,

do not linger over my passing;

but bury me

In the quick of dawn

With a choir of bird song and a short amen;

For I am departed

And what is left of me is of no essence,

Like the dregs in a coffee pot,

Let me pass in the brightness of morning

Lest the sad evening chorus

Of cricket cries

Disturb my final sleep.

My death has been

The end and the renewal of my birth;

And the jetsam of the stream of life

waits to crumble into nothingness.

So bury me deep and quick

With but a rose to mark the stillness

of my blood

and the dead fragrance of my memory.

do not linger then too long with me

Lest the sweetness of my living decay

in your hearts.

my epitaph is already writ

in the pages of my past.

© Alick Lazare- Nature Island Verses (2001)

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