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The Paradox

Life is… a paradox

A contradiction

Like a pair o’ ducks

Yeah, like a pair o’ ducks.

We go with the flow

Meandering along

Going whichever way it goes;

Go with the flow

Go with the crowd

Or travel down… the “road less travelled”

Breaking new ground

Daring to be different!

A paradox…

Life makes it easy to go with the flow

But challenges us to struggle upstream

To see what’s there;

Coming out on the other side

To stand alone…

Or tread the murky waters… alone

Lonely or… fulfilled?

Life is a paradigm

A pair o’ dimes.

We flip

Heads you win, tails you win

We learn to make the shift of how we see

Of how we be

We give to get

But only get when we freely give;

We play at work, wasting time, stealing time

When our work could be – our play;

Play that’s fulfilling, satisfying, gratifying

Like a love affair…

Can’t wait to see you

To be with you

To work at making work our love

And love our work,

Our play…each day.

The struggle becomes the catalyst

For freedom to be who we want to be

And then it’s fun,

We’re free, carefree!

Just free to be…

Like a pair o’ ducks

Enjoying the moment…Gliding along

Releasing then

Mass-a-ging our doubts,

our ambivalence about the pair ‘o dimes we hold;

Yet tossing them, straddled by our dreams, up high

To the one up there who is looking out for I and I…

Reaching beyond our limited reach.

knowing that

Tails we win, heads we win

The paradigm…

Yes, life is a paradox

A contradiction.

Let’s trust ourselves to claim the paradigm

And live our lives ready to die for a life

In which we really enjoy

The paradox of life!

© Dr. Oluwakemi M Linda Banks “Let Whatever Be” 2016.

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