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A World Triumphant

Last night, a million stars

twinkled and glowed

in the limitless deep;

dew sparkled on green grass,

leaves shone after the rain

on sodden trees.

The world where rivulets

in twisting, twirling streams

hummed memorable melody,

flowing in pure delight past

flowery banks and quiet fields,

is still with us.

Through shaded eyes,

good falters and evil stalks where once

the seed of love burst forth;

the lie that once dusted truth

rings true in a field of hate

and empty dreams.

As the world stumbles

in a storm of despair

and white hope turns blind

to the pages of a distant past,

the lowly fly fearless flies

free from a fecal feast.

The endless universe lives,

stars glimmering shine,

and in the window of the soul

flowers bloom, birds sing,

rain falls in silvery threads

and the world still turns.

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