When you publish with Emmanuel Publishing House, you receive the services offered, delivered in a professional and courteous manner designed to help you reach your publishing goals.

Emmanuel Publishing House aims to support its authors, and to bring out quality literary works of fiction, poetry and academic research to its many readers in the Caribbean and worldwide.


Editorial Services

An experienced and highly accomplished editor will work with each author to give a fresh perspective of his work, and will meticulously do a thorough line edit to bring out a book of the highest literary standard.


We bring the highest industry standards in formatting works to be published whether in print or digital format.


Our experienced designer is devoted to making your book attractive and promotion-ready with quality layouts and artistic cover designs. Our aim is to make your book stand out on bookshelves and in catalogues worldwide.


Our company works with the best printing services to produce cost-saving print and binding for both paperbacks and hard covers of the highest industry standards.

Promotion and Bookselling

Books under our imprints will be listed on our website as well as on our other online distribution outlets and will be distributed through a number of bookstores in the Caribbean and internationally. Promotion of new titles will include book reviews, both online and in print, and book launches in strategic locations.

Submit your manuscript to:

Evaluation Editor

Emmanuel Publishing House

Emmanuelpublications99-at-gmail.com. Your manuscript will be promptly acknowledged while it passes through the evaluation processes.

Evaluation Edit

A general evaluation of your work will be undertaken to assess:

  1. The first impact of the title and opening page of your book.
  2. The overall premise on which your work is being developed as well as the validity and consistency of the point of view conveyed
  3. The overall structure, plot and actions, development of the main characters and sense of place and time, authenticity and effective use of dialogue and use or misuse of punctuation

The Evaluation Editor will consult with the author if major faults in any of the above are found or, if the manuscript is generally acceptable, proceed to submit for final edit.

Copy Edit

Emmanuel Publishing House’s experienced editor will take you through the process of bringing your manuscript to publishable quality:

  1. Clearing it of spelling, punctuation, grammar and structural defects, including sentence structure
  2. Re-engineering plot structure, strengthening character development, ensuring consistency in setting and timeline, and pulling together overall cohesion of historical or technical data
  3. Improving readability of narrative and fluency and relevance of dialogue


A skilled copywriter will prepare the back cover promotion blurb author bio and pictorial with sufficient pitch to grab the attention of readers and buyers.


Careful and final proof reading will ensure that the proofs from the printer contain no errors, checking from the final manuscript copy and that no formatting defects occur. From thereon, the proof copy will be sent to the printer for book production.