A World Triumphant

Last night, a million stars

twinkled and glowed

in the limitless deep;

dew sparkled on green grass,

leaves shone after the rain

on sodden trees.


The world where rivulets

in twisting, twirling streams

hummed memorable melody,

flowing in pure delight past

flowery banks and quiet fields,

is still with us.


Through shaded eyes,

good falters and evil stalks where once

the seed of love burst forth;

the lie that once dusted truth

rings true in a field of hate

and empty dreams.


As the world stumbles

in a storm of despair

and white hope turns blind

to the pages of a distant past,

the lowly fly fearless flies

free from a fecal feast.


The endless universe lives,

stars glimmering shine,

and in the window of the soul

flowers bloom, birds sing,

rain falls in silvery threads

and the world still turns.


© Alick Lazare

Life is… a paradox

A contradiction

Like a pair o’ ducks

Yeah, like a pair o’ ducks.

We go with the flow

Meandering along

Going whichever way it goes;

Go with the flow

Go with the crowd

Or travel down… the “road less travelled”

Breaking new ground

Daring to be different!

A paradox…

Life makes it easy to go with the flow

But challenges us to struggle upstream

To see what’s there;

Coming out on the other side

To stand alone…

Or tread the murky waters… alone

Lonely or… fulfilled?

Life is a paradigm

A pair o’ dimes.

We flip

Heads you win, tails you win

We learn to make the shift of how we see

Of how we be

We give to get

But only get when we freely give;

We play at work, wasting time, stealing time

When our work could be – our play;

Play that’s fulfilling, satisfying, gratifying

Like a love affair…

Can’t wait to see you

To be with you

To work at making work our love

And love our work,

Our play…each day.

The struggle becomes the catalyst

For freedom to be who we want to be

And then it’s fun,

We’re free, carefree!

Just free to be…

Like a pair o’ ducks

Enjoying the moment…Gliding along

Releasing then

Mass-a-ging our doubts,

our ambivalence about the pair ‘o dimes we hold;

Yet tossing them, straddled by our dreams, up high

To the one up there who is looking out for I and I…

Reaching beyond our limited reach.

knowing that

Tails we win, heads we win

The paradigm…

Yes, life is a paradox

A contradiction.

Let’s trust ourselves to claim the paradigm

And live our lives ready to die for a life

In which we really enjoy

The paradox of life!

© Dr. Oluwakemi M Linda Banks “Let Whatever Be” 2016.

The Paradox

Miss Moore and The Class

As I faced my class earlier this year,

I said to the children, “Just lend me an ear.”

Little Meg murmured, “Oh teacher! I fear,

If I give you mine, with what shall I hear?”

The children tittered and made a big uproar.

“Hush,” I said, “the principal’s at the door.”

Deeply embarrassed, I faced Miss Moore

And explained what made the children shout out so.

“Children, children, you must look before you leap,”

Thundered Miss Moore in a voice so stern and deep

That little Johnny began to shiver and weep

Then timidly cried, “Please, ma’am, can I take a peep?”

“This type of behaviour I won’t condone,”

Shouted Miss Moore in a furious tone;

The children sat as if turned to stone.

“I’m sorry, Miss Moore,” said Maggy Malone.

“This class is out of order,” stated Miss Moore,

“Teacher, I’ve told you so several times before,”

“Oh dear!” thought Teacher Manilow,

“Why does she hate me? I really don’t know.”

The boys in the class had had enough,

They couldn’t tolerate anymore angry stuff,

And though Miss Moore seemed rough and tough,

Those naughty lads decided to call her bluff.

They signaled to little Johnny who sat in the back row,

To take out his pet mouse and let it go.

“Squeak, squeak,” it streaked across the floor,

“A-a-a-a-ah,” shrieked Miss Moore as it ran past her toe.

“Get that mouse,” cried Miss Moore as she dashed in the hall,

She did not see, she did not hear the warning call.

She went crashing to the floor after stepping on a ball,

Then the children gleefully chorused, “Pride goes before a fall!”

© Hyacinth E.Hughes- ‘Sweet River Song’ 2016

Deep within the labyrinth of the mind

A ghostly light glimmers

Like the twilight of endless fruitless days

Or the haze that shmmers

Over the sea. My heart, in search of truth,

Wanders towards the light,

Lost in education and religion

And all things erudite.

As I wander, filled with speculation

About truth, God and me,

In the twists and turns of the mind’s advance

reason is all I see.

Reason is the mother of illusion

Where truth is hardly found,

Just as the tunnels of the labyrinth

Cover infinite ground.

In the eternal turmoil of my mind

The voice of my soul cries

Softly as the bowed hermit in prayer;

God is, all else is lies.

And truth came forth from the surrounding dark,

Straight as a spear of light,

To unveil its simple divinity

To my unworthy sight

I saw God sitting on the mountain top

In mighty majesty.

I saw him sail across the azure sky

In gentle purity.

I watched him in tumultuous fury

Churning the raging sea

In the whipping winds of the hurricane

Roaring over the lea.

In chilling anger and burning rage

He smote the helpless earth.

Its pristine glory humbled but renewed

In death and in rebirth.

I saw him riding swiftly on a cloud

As bright as bright can be.

I saw God in everything there was;

Then I found him in me.

© Alick Lazare- Nature Island Verses (2001)

In Search Of God

Wild Innocence

His swept-back wingspan, massive

Stretched against the sunset skies, I watched him,

Sailing in stealthy silence, aloft the still ocean plane.

Possessing a courage unmatched,

Magnificence unrivaled,

gliding in the wind as aimless as a vagrant.

So effortless

So ethereal,

Not a flutter on the wing.

As he commanded the open skies,

I wondered of his consciousness.

There he was, as beautiful  as a bride,

dawdling over the water mirror.

and I envied his carefree passage-

and my eyes beheld his scapular,

purple against the dying sunlight.

His roving eyes alert,

mandibles cocked and untamed,

ready for the lunge.

And my soul beheld him

who lived in the moment

Embracing in all its fullness,

the life for which he was fashioned.

And for miles he traversed the promising pelagic blue,

feral, fearless, confidently self-possessed.

A picture was taken , his image imprinted in my mind’s eye.

And for many dark nights,

the epiphany of the foraging frigate remained

as clear as innocence to guide my way.

© Ivenia A. Benjamin

When my call to eternity has come,

do not linger over my passing;

but bury me

In the quick of dawn

With a choir of bird song and a short amen;

For I am departed

And what is left of me is of no essence,

Like the dregs in a coffee pot,

Let me pass in the brightness of morning

Lest the sad evening chorus

Of cricket cries

Disturb my final sleep.

My death has been

The end and the renewal of my birth;

And the jetsam of the stream of life

waits to crumble into nothingness.

So bury me deep and quick

With but a rose to mark the stillness

of my blood

and the dead fragrance of my memory.

do not linger then too long with me

Lest the sweetness of my living decay

in your hearts.

my epitaph is already writ

in the pages of my past.

© Alick Lazare- Nature Island Verses (2001)