At Emmanuel Publishing House we offer both traditional book publishing as well as self- publishing packages. Sisserou Press was created as an imprint of Emmanuel Publishing House to assist writers who wish to self-publish their work. At Sisserou Press we offer a basic book production and printing service with marketing and distribution as an optional part of the package. Under our sponsored or self publishing packages the author pays a flat fee to the publisher for the editing, design and printing of the book. Where marketing is part of the self publishing package we partner with the author to distribute and sell his book online . We also upload and promote all our books to the Publication House’s webpage where we highlight our authors. At Emmanuel Publishing House we work closely with our writers to produce a book that is professionally edited, properly designed and well packaged. We ensure that our books are of the highest quality in keeping with our well established standards. In the self-publishing method the book will bear the imprint of Sisserou Press, however copyright remains with the author.

Sisserou Press


We know how costly it is to print hundreds of copies of your book when you are a new self-published author and unsure of how well your book will sell. This method can burden an author with boxes of books which will likely take years to sell out and which will occupy much needed space. To give encouragement and support to our authors all our books are printed on Demand. This means that we print your books as you need them, from one copy to 1000 copies. There is no minimum or maximum number of copies that we can print. Since Print-on-Demand is a digital print technology, your book is printed only when it is ordered and is delivered within 5 to 8 days of printing. We can therefore meet the demands of any order.

When you publish with us, you benefit from our Print-on-Demand options which is an excellent way to eliminate the expense and  risk of large quantities of books being printed that potentially won’t sell.


At Emmanuel Publishing House we also offer our authors the option of publishing their books in electronic format, in addition to the paperback version. This means that your book, if you so desire, can be down loaded onto a Computer, a Tablet, a Smartphone or any other kind of reading device which allows it to be read on screen. Everything that is contained in the printed paperback version of your book is also contained in the e-Book such as pictures, diagrams and other graphics. E-Books are easy to purchase. After payment they can be automatically downloaded via the internet and delivered to the reader’s device instantaneously. They can also be read from anywhere whether in the classroom, on the beach, at the airport, or on an air plane. Once the book has been paid for and downloaded, one does not have to be logged on to the internet to have access to their e-book. E-Books occupy less space and offer many advantages such as the re-sizing of the font to meet a reader’s needs. Your e-Book or Kindle version will be distributed online in the same manner as our traditional books.

Please note that the decision to publish any submitted manuscript is at the discretion of the publisher.